la tessitrice

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Fifty shades of codswallop. Utter shit.Edited to add the following:Someone tweeted the link to this review today and I think it says volumes:Smart bitches reviewI'm not getting into the reviewer's opinion of the book, however much I agree with it. Instead, here are two quotes from the text which I believe are very telling:This story originated, according to the folks who recommended it to me, as Twilight fanfic, and while some readers have said they don't see the similarities, I do, and they're part of what I didn't like. The story is narrated by the heroine, Anna, and all the minutiae and self-indulgent navel gazing of Twilight is present in this book, too.The hero read so young, unrealistically young for me - almost like a 17 year old trying to live a 35 year old's lifeI'd say the second point is the direct result of the story being a fanfiction of a story where the main character was seventeen. In MotU, the character of Bella was lifted out of Twilight and put in a very different situation, but she was the same character, with none of the growth or added maturity we would have expected from her increased age.I think this just goes to show what people have been saying for a while - that no matter how much you claim the story had *nothing* to do with Twilight and was original enough to be published, there will remain enough of the source material in there for connections to be made.