la tessitrice

Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I'm sure the premise of this is very good and the plot is utterly thrilling, going by the positive reviews out there. But I just can't stand the narration. I managed all of five chapters before deleting it from my Kindle.Firstly, there's just too much name dropping of brand names. I don't care who made your sunglasses, your baseball cap, your hoodie, what you're drinking etc etc. The narration is in the first person and it's just wrong to do that. No one names stuff in their internal monologue e.g. 'I picked up my Gucci shades, then pulled on my Gap hoodie and sipped at my Evian water' and especially not at the rate it appears in the text. Was the author being paid for product placement?Secondly, the narration is supposed to mimic a teenager's internal monologue. This means the text is littered with exclamation marks and asides, most of which are irrelevant and distract from the storytelling. And although one of the authors is apparently young herself and relied upon to make the language feel authentically young, it just doesn't. It comes across like an older person pretending to be a teenager.Finally, this serves to make the narrator seriously annoying. She comes across as ridiculously shallow, which doesn't exactly make her endearing, and I mean shallow in the sense of not-much-going-on-upstairs. If she has hidden depths, I can't be bothered waiting around to discover them.This definitely isn't a young adult book that an adult can comfortably read too. It's too 'teenage' (although that is a disservice to any teenagers). The characterisation of the narrator is itself a disservice to teenagers, so far a self-absorbed, whiny 'typical' teenage girl. No thanks, there are better heroines out there.