la tessitrice

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Richelle Mead isn't the best author out there. Her writing style can tend towards the pedestrian and I found her adult series to be overwhelmingly on the meh side, stretching out the plot as far as it would go. I loved Vampire Academy though, despite thinking it would be a throwaway read - each story is a compulsive read that has you by the nuts within a few chapters. I knew Adrian was never going to end up with Rose in those books, but he would have been my choice, and him having a beefed up role in this spin-off is no hardship. Once again I found it hard to put the book down by the end of chapter two, which resulted in some bleary-eyed days at work after reading too long into the night.Is it without its faults? No. A few of the plot twists can be seen coming a mile off, but I don't think they were supposed to be huge surprises anyway. The dialogue occasionally veers into the awkward and the descriptions into the banal. I don't care.Adrian. I melt. I cannot explain how hard I am ship, ship, shipping after this book. I know we'll get our happy ending in the end, because Richelle Mead's characters always do, but that happy ending is likely four books and some serious heartfail away. In the meantime I'm going to try and find something else to read to distract me, but it won't be easy. This is YA supernatural done right and even some of the adult writers could learn a thing about weaving a compelling yarn from this. *Side-eyes Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris*.