la tessitrice

Matched - Ally Condie Firstly, this book suffers in comparison with another Young Adult book based in a future dystopian society - namely, The Hunger Games. THG was, in my opinion, a much more gripping read, whereas Matched was a book I could put down and pick up at ease. Nevertheless, it's still a compelling story.The world of The Hunger Games was a brutal, violent place, whereas the future in Matched is seemingly peaceful and utopian on the surface. No one wants for anything, disease has been virtually eradicated and everyone is happy. Dig a little deeper though and the rot shows: control is everything to the Society. People are killed on the day they turn 80, and everyone is under the threat of being 'reclassified' and removed from the suburb-like boroughs to the wild outskirts of the provinces, where death awaits in the wars being fought on the borders.The main character, Cassia, is likeable enough and admirable for standing against Society in the way that she does. The problem is that I didn't feel much of a connection between her and either of her suitors, Xander or Ky, so the romance aspect of the plot fell flat. That's quite a problem in a story where the romance is the main driving force. The family relationships displayed were richer and more believable.Overall, the story didn't leave too much of an impression on me because I didn't buy into the romance, but there were a couple of things that left me disturbed. The first was the death scene of Cassia's 80 year old grandfather, which probably upset me because both of my grandparents are over 80. The second was the destruction of books, a symptom of the Society's need to control its citizens, including limiting their knowledge. I'm a bibliophile and the thought of all those books being torn apart and burned made me feel physically ill.This is the first book in what I presume will be a trilogy and I intend to read the next book. It was hinted that there is more danger to come, and perhaps this first book was a set-up to show why it was important for Cassia to fight against the seemingly perfect Society. Hopefully the rest of the series will pick up the pace and make me believe in Cassia's love for Ky.