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Between Seasons

Between Seasons - Aida Brassington This book left me with an overwhelming feeling of meh. I thought the plotline was pedestrian, despite the supernatural premise, and the two main characters didn't seem to have any personality that I was able to discern. Sadly, most of that personality went to the female lead's psychotic sister, who was the most one-dimensional 'villain' I've come across in a long time. Also, the ex-husband is a similarly one-dimensional construction. He can't just be the jerk that left her, he has to be the jerk that drugged her and stole all her stuff when she was at her most vulnerable. This is soap opera material.The drama towards the end seemed ridiculously contrived. the girl, who's name I can no longer remember despite only reading the book yesterday, voluntarily submits to going to a psychiatric unit because her sister threatens to have her committed and sell the house otherwise. Bear in mind that at this point in time the sister is the one who is acting batshit and half of what she is threatening she wouldn't have the power to carry out. Actually, the fact that what's-her-face speaks out loud to any empty house is pretty contrived too. Given that I'm reading a ghost story, so my disbelief is already suspended, that's saying something.Also, nothing in the book gave any hint it was the first in the series, so as I got ever closer towards the end I thought we might be about to get some kind of resolution, but no - the last page is an advertisement for the sequel. I'm willing to bet that whatever happens in the second book (and the inevitable third book) could easily have been condensed into this one instead - someone needs to tell authors that not all stories need stretching out over multiple books!I only read the book because the author writes Twilight fanfiction and it has been pimped all over that community, and I wish I hadn't bothered. Several little moments in the book made me think I was reading fanfiction and that the characters of Patrick and errr what-was-her-name-again? were originally meant to be Edward and Bella. That would explain the cardboard characterisation throughout. Needless to say, I won't be picking up the sequel. Or its sequel.