la tessitrice

Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton Some reviews said this was a return to the Anita of old (that's why I gave it a chance) but it wasn't. Yes, there was less sex and something pretending to be a plot, but there was far too much of Anita's rambling internal monologue going on, and it was nothing we hadn't heard before.I'd also like to share a few examples of stunning writing from the book:"It was cold. Cold and hard. I was lying on something hard and cold.""The room was about the size of an average bedroom". Er, what size is an average bedroom?I ask myself, how did such gems as these (plus the numerous typos) make it past an editor? And the answer is that the author forbids the use of an editor, when really, she needs someone with the guts to tell her where she needs to put some effort into her prose.