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Reblogged from Kaia: What Bullying Really Looks Like

Reblogged from OstensiblyA:

I hate telling this story. Just the thought of doing so, of exposing my past to even a handful of other people, makes me feel sick to my stomach. But with Goodreads' change in policy occurring and the word "bullying" being slung around so casually, I think it's time. 


Read Kaia's full post here. Trust me, you need to.



I can relate to some of that story. This is why when people use the word "bullying" so cavalierly I find it offensive. I get ready to go nuclear. This is why I say that if you refer to anything that goes on in the book world as bullying then I will never, ever believe that you were bullied in real life. Because you can't possibly know what bullying actually is. The hurt, torment, pain, and scars of having been through something like this. Of doing nothing but sitting there, being yourself, and having people torment you for it.


Someone writing a review of your book, no matter how negative and snarky, is not bullying. People responding negatively to your actions is not bullying. If you think so: You. Don't. Know. What. It. Is.